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What Is Traccks?

Traccks is a technology company, content distribution and publishing company, digital rights collections agency and the world's first online Software As A Service (SaaS) tool for finding and managing copyrights on legal distribution sites and social networks. It is also a fully-automated website builder and fully-automated social network PR platform.

It collates viewing statistics on sites such as YouTube so that you can collect revenue from advertising linked to ANY of your content regardless of who uploaded it. It puts the control of your online catalogue at your fingertips by sending automated take down or licencing agreement notices to YouTube and Soundcloud as well as iTunes and Spotify.

Another Traccks feature is its cutting edge SiteBuilder platform. SiteBuilder automatically builds websites for you content with as little input as a single keyword. These sites are complete with video, audio, sales and blog links and automatically post content to your social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook.

All of this is done whilst it collects sales links that can then be put on your website, eflyers, Tweets and Facebook posts. Output is in CSV format, so can be used in any marketing or accounting software and can be pre-formatted to fit individual company specifications.

Furthermore, it automatically checks the status of your licences, lets you know if and when they have expired and stores the links to any expired tracks still being sold on legal download sites.

How It Works

Our software works in realtime, so that content is protected, distributed, marketed and promoted automatically whilst being added to our copyright protection database.

Sites include YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, HypeMachine, LastFM, Deezer and GooglePlay to mention a few.


What You Get

Full Automation

You don't have to log in and keep checking on things. We'll send regular updates on the status of your catalogue and/or website.

Simple To Use

You literally upload your catalogue (which could be a list of songs and artists in text) and that's it. Our software does the rest.

Web Security

Our website is safe, secure and we don't store any personal information so there is no risk to your data.


Our Support team is on hand to answer any questions about our products. Just send an email to


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