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What Is Traccks?

Hi and welcome to Traccks publishing and sample clearance.

Traccks is a music distribution and publishing company, digital rights collections and clearances agency and the world's first online Software As A Service (SaaS) tool for finding and managing copyrights on legal distribution sites and social networks.

Why Use Traccks Clearance?

Our specialists have over 20 years publishing and sample clearance experience on average.

We have cleared samples, covers, licences and interpolations with all of the major record labels and music publisher across the globe.

This includes companies such as Universal Music, Sony/ATV Publishing and spans genres from grime to pop.

Uses cleared include samples, covers, movie syncs and interpolations.

How does it work?

What is the Traccks publishing and sample clearance process?

We have a 6 stage process as follows.

1. You register your clearance request using our online clearance app HERE.
2. We contact you for a 5-10 minute consultation to ensure your application is valid and that you've supplied correct and sufficent information.
3. If we agree that your application is valid we then forward your clearance request to the rights owners.
4. The rights owners respond with their acceptance & requirements or refusal.
5. If the owner agrees to the clearance we forward their written agreement and any of the rights owner's requirements (e.g. fees, song title changes, etc) to you.
6. You agree to any outstanding rights owner requirements sign the agreement.

How long does it take to obtain clearance?

It really depends on what you are using the content for and on the rights owner's appetite for such usage.

It could take anything from 2 weeks to half a year, especially if you are in a different country/timezone from the rights owner, if there are multiple rights owners or if they are non-English speakers.

Does it cost anything?

Aside from our fees, straight cover versions might not cost anything, but you will most likely have to give up 100% of your version's publishing to the song owners.

Other types of uses such as samples and licence are most likely to incur a fee from the rights owner as well as a percentage of any earnings from your song.

What are your fees?

Our fee structure is very simple and is summarised as follows.

- £50 Consultation

- £200 Publishing Rights Clearance Investigation
- £200 Publishing Rights Clearance Completion (payable on success only)

- £200 Recording Rights Clearance Investigation
- £200 Recording Rights Clearance Completion (payable on success only)

Can you explain that a bit more?

The following explains the fees in further detail.

A. Consultation Fee: On registering your sample clearance application there is a £50 consultation fee. This covers our costs during the initial 5-10 minute consultation with our clearance experts.

It also weeds out the serious players from those looking for free sample clearance advice.

B. First Half (Investigation) Payment: If during the consultation we confirm that you have supplied correct and sufficent information to proceed, the first half of the £400 clearance fee i.e. £200 will be due before our team commences its clearances enquiries.

C. Second Half (Successful Application) Payment: On receipt of the content owner's agreement of the clearance (stage 5) the second half of the £400 clearance fee i.e. £200 will be due. This half is not payable if the content owner does not agree to the clearance.

So the total fee for a publishing ONLY or label ONLY clearance is £450.

The above illustration is for a publishing clearance i.e. there are no audio samples in the song.

If there are samples, steps B and C are doubled as we will be contacting both the label rights owner and the publishing rights owner.

That is, for a publishing AND label clearance, the total fee is £850.

What You Get

Full Automation

You don't have to keep checking on things. We'll send regular updates on the status of your catalogue and/or website.

Simple To Use

You literally upload your clearance information, attend the consultation call and that's it. Our software does the rest.

Web Security

Our website is safe, secure and we don't store any personal information so there is no risk to your data.


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